Test Big Cloud Operations

Tobiko is an OpenStack testing framework focusing on areas mostly complementary to Tempest. While tempest main focus has been testing OpenStack rest APIs, the main Tobiko focus would be to test OpenStack system operations while “simulating” the use of the cloud as the final user would.

Tobiko’s test cases populate the cloud with workloads such as instances, allows the CI workflow to perform an operation such as an update or upgrade, and then runs test cases to validate that the cloud workloads are still functional.

Main Project Goals

  • To provide a Python framework to write system scenario test cases.
  • To provide tools for testing OpenStack system operations like update, upgrades and fast forward upgrade.
  • To provide CLI tools to implement a workflow designed to test potentially destructive operations (like rebooting cloud nodes, restarting services or others kinds of fault injections).
  • To provide tools to monitor and recollect the healthy status of the cloud as seen from user perspective (black-box testing) or from inside (white-box testing).

Document Overview

This document describes the tools for final user and contributors of the project, and assumes that you are already familiar with OpenStack from an end-user perspective. If not, hop over to the OpenStack doc site.

You can look for additional documentation also in the OpenStack wiki.

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